We dedicated to let houses for self-catering since 1980. This houses are in Minho, the most beautiful part of Portugal. With ist green valleys, terraced vines and wooded hills and miles and miles of beautiful, vistually unspoilt beaches, it is easy to see why. From the rugged mountainous country to the east of the region, where the hills rise as high as 1200 m, the four rivers of the Minho, Douro, Lima and Cávado run down to the sea. The countryside is fresh and lovely, the hills clad in pine and eucalyptus. The river valleys are enchanting.

The area is full of history, with many Celtic sites. The Crusade to recover Portugal from the Moors began in the north of Portugal. Theses successive waves of conquest have left a rich architectural patrimony. Braga is the ecclesiastical capital of Portugal but in any case the ares is rich in church and monastic buildings.

 Minho stil retains its tradiotions and old ways of life. Tradition comes to the fore in the carnivals and fairs. Notable examples of theses are the celebrations of Easter at Braga, te Romaria in Viana do Castelo at the end of August, and the nex fairs at Ponte de Lima in the second and third weeks of September.

The beaches of the Minho are beautiful. The coastline is relatively untouched and you do not have go far to find beaches that are uncrowded, if not empty. The National Park Peneda Gerês is a paradise for walking with some fine traisl that have beeem marked out which take you past delightfull little villages. Indeed many other parts of the Minho are attractive to walkers.

Wine lovers will also enjoy exploring the vineyards of the Vinhos Verde’s effervescent wines especially enjoyable with shellfish, and other tipicall food and cakes. A trip to Oporto is also worthwile to visite the wine lodges and to explore the famous port vineyards of the river Douro.

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